BKORPP is a comedic role-playing podcast set in our modern-day (kind of. idk. there's robots and magic apps???) join dungeon-master Alec Robbins along w/ Jason Emmons, Lauren Hoepner, and Ronnie Dezsi as they come to blows with fast-food conglomerates, laser tag champions, anime collectibles, and more!

new episode every other wednesday
(episode 30 drops on 9/12)

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[illustrations by shafer brown]

alec robbins is a writer/filmmaker living in LA working at Abso Lutely. you can find more of his stuff at his website.

jason emmons is a video editor living in new york. you can find him on twitter.

lauren hoepner is a proofreader at a children's book publisher living in new york city. find her on twitter. ronnie dezsi is a musician. you can find his music at Local Christian Girls.

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